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i would lose weight but i hate losing 

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Fuck boys, love yourself (via spankingkink)

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His fingers slotted into the spaces between your ribs will not make it easier to breathe. Your lungs will not expand more and you will not convert more oxygen into carbon dioxide. Your lungs will forget how to function on their own. You will gasp hopelessly, helplessly, when he takes his hand away. You will need him like an inhaler, like an oxygen tank. Do not rely on boys to fill your lungs. Rely on the trees for oxygen and rely on yourself to breathe.

His lips on your temple will not still the whirling chaos of thoughts. The white of his teeth will not shine into the darkest crevices in your mind. You will become addicted to the slow words you can not quite yet believe. When he does not say them you will be just as desolate as before. A boy can not fix your sadness. Do not rely on boys to make you happy. Rely on the world for opportunity and rely on yourself to take it.

The pads of his thumbs under your eyes will not stop your tears from falling, they will just hide the ones already there. Like a bandaid over an already infected wound. Do not rely on boys to pick you up when you have fallen. Rely on the ground to be steady and rely on your legs to carry you.

His palms will not smooth the soft hills of your stomach. You are not coal and he can not press you into diamonds. Do not rely on boys to make your soft parts hard. Rely on support from people you love and who love you back and rely on your own will to be healthy.

His eyes will not caress your body. They will rake it, ravage it. You will feel as bare as you are. His eyes will feel like nails down your skin. Look at yourself in the mirror and glide your eyes over your body. Feel how you curve and bend with with your hands. Touch yourself with only the intention of love. Do not rely on boys to find you beautiful. Rely on your own hands to touch yourself with love and rely on your nerve endings to feel it.

Do not rely on boys to fix you. You were never broken in the first place.


If you can’t deal with my sarcasm. I can’t deal with being your friend. 

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six word poem 10/19/14 (via atonguewithbutsixwords)

To live forever, stop trying to.


doin a group project likeimage

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My new neighborhood is so cute

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Rare golden tabby tiger 

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