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I still remember the first time you told me that you loved me and I’ll remember that moment forever because it was the first time in my life I actually felt something.

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I remember the first time you held my hand. I don’t know if it was because of the cold or the fact I loved you but fuck, I felt the world rush through my veins.

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You have this one life. How do you wanna spend it? Apologizing? Regretting? Questioning? Hating yourself? Dieting? Running after people who don’t see you? Be brave. Believe in yourself. Do what feels good. Take risks. You have this one life. Make yourself proud.


there is a huge difference between genuinely liking someone and liking the attention they give you and it took me a long time to realise that

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making up for low grades with high calories

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I broke my own heart loving you

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Don’t do that. Don’t skip stages in your life. You’re 19, kiss a few boys and wear your heart on your sleeve. There will come a time when you’re 39 and stuck in a suit, wondering why the hell you were so eager to grow up in the first place.
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